Social Media vs Reality

May 06, 2019

In this blog Christie Mclean, one of my fantastic sponsored riders, provides us with a funny insight into how social media compares to reality when it comes to photos. This blog is written with our recent bluebell photoshoot in mind where I photographed Christie's beautiful dressage horse, Coalman, and her youngster, who is also Coalman's brother, Tally. Equine photographySocial media vz reality

One look, you know the one…. The one that you capture occasionally on your mobile and share on social media captioned with "he’s so handsome". A super high res image would make that look just perfect!

"Olly jump up and down!"… "MORE!" Whilst my other half is working off his last 3 meals doing star jumps behind Caitlin, who is led down nestled in the bluebells. The frustration building in his face as Coalman refuses to participate in his antics. "Come on Coalman, put your bloody ears forward!". Olly’s now resorted to throwing anything he can past Coalman’s nose, who’s partially playing ball with now one ear forward, but still rocking the ‘resting mare face’ look.
Tally on the other hand, consistent with his ‘child on E-numbers’ attitude is fixed on Olly, can’t get enough of his star jumps, and adds in his own head bobbing to reflect.

I was now adamant that today will be one of those days where the thought of beautiful memories and photos to share start to fade away, darn horses! Why don’t they get the ears forward thing! But, in that split second some walkers appear from behind a bush, instantly Coalman plays ball and Tally strikes into model mode... "Caitlin go!" Of course she’s one step ahead and the camera is clicking away. The success lasts seconds and before I know it Tally has moved a hind leg, lost balance and is now pinning me to Coalman who had resorted back to donning his ‘resting mare face’ look. If he could talk I’m convinced he’d be more Mr Meldrew than Keith Lemon adding the phrase "I don’t believe it".

Moving further along the peak to our next chosen location, Caitlin has decided that this is the spot, this is where the magic will happen, the horses have slightly got over themselves and she’s reassured me with "we’ve got some really nice ones". Music to an owners ears for sure!
"Just back Tally up a little bit", easier said than done when I’m pushing back half a ton of 3 year old with a 6 year old trying to tow me to the best looking bit of grass. For all you mothers out there, human and horse, if this life doesn’t set you up to take on anything then I don’t know what will!
Reins and lead rope tangled, both horses heads suddenly up in the air facing the same direction with all ears forward! Looking at Caitlin a little lost she smiles, she’s pulled out her secret weapon and now we have the full attention of the boys. I seem to now have all the time in the world to position myself into looking like my two boys are 'not from this planet' horses that stand perfectly still and put their ears forward on request, winning!

As we wrap the shoot up, I can’t help but wonder if we did get ‘the one’. Like riding dressage, or showjumping, it’s that split second timing that can land the perfect picture. Social media is a field of what we see in different ways of perfection, but actually in these shoots, it’s capturing that split second where two hearts are showing as one, that’s perfection.

True to her word, she’s True To You Photography, she got ‘the one and more’.

Here are some of my favourites from the photoshoot:

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