The brilliant Bum Building Bands - all about them and our business photoshoot

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Close up of the bum building bands being ridden inClose up of the bum building bands being ridden in A few months back the wonderful Hannah, who creates Bum Building Bands, approached me to book a business photoshoot. Hannah’s goal was to get some professional photos that she could use on her website and across her social media platforms. We met at a local yard, where some mutual friends are based, and captured pictures of Hannah’s product both on and off horses. It was perfect weather for our photoshoot and our equine models demonstrated how the bands work both under saddle and for groundwork, such as lunging.

It was so lovely to hear Hannah’s feedback from her photoshoot and discover how the images have benefited her business a few months on.

“I was super pleased with Caitlin’s professionalism. I am quite a perfectionist and have an image in my head of how I want my products to look. Caitlin was very patient with me changing the set up constantly and really took on my vision. I am IN LOVE with the final images. Caitlin captured my ideas and more, producing the most beautiful images, which captured my vision perfectly. Since our shoot, I have seen a huge increase in sales after using the photos across my social media platforms and on my website.”

Hannah’s story behind how the Bum Building Bands were born is very fascinating. They were “born almost by accident”. In the winter months, Hannah needed to help her horse improve his hind engagement, as he was very weak behind, and needed some extra help to build him up. Being a busy mum and not having an arena at home, Hannah started researching the different training aids on the market which could be used whilst out hacking as well as in the school. Hannah said: “Most of the training aids I found would attach to the horse’s head, forcing them into a false outline and allowing them to fall out through their hindquarters. So, I made the first Bum Building Band. I used it whilst hacking only for the first 3 weeks, in that short time everyone around us from our trainers to friends at clinics began to notice a huge difference in my horse’s way of going and that’s when Bum Building Bands was born. I never expected it to be so popular!”

On our photoshoot, we started by looking at the Bum Building Bands in detail. Hannah was after some photos which focused on the detail in the pads and pictures which showed what is included with each order you place.

Picture of the bands with a saddlePicture of the bands with a saddle Close up of the bands and their detailClose up of the bands and their detail

“With every order, we supply a branded Bum Building Bands saddle pad with clips attached, two sets of bands; each set of bands consists of a core band and a hind band, one set is Latex-Free and the other is Standard, both bring different qualities for different horses. Also included with every order are fitting instructions and a personal thank you from me.”

Next on the agenda was showing how the bands are fitted. Using both our equine models we demonstrated how easy the bands are to fit on two different shapes of horses.

The bands being fitted to a horseThe bands being fitted to a horse

The bands fitted to a different horseThe bands fitted to a different horse

“When fitting your Bum Building Bands for the first time, we always recommend starting on the lunge with the bands loose. This is so your horse can get used to the new system and it gives you a chance to find a happy balance and the correct tension for your horse. We recommend only using the bands for 10-15 minutes on the first few uses, even some of the fittest horses can tire quicker when using the bands.”

One of the key features about Hannah’s Bum Building Bands is that they can be used for both lunging, hacking and schooling. We photographed the horses being lunged and ridden on the flat, as well as over some trotting poles. My mission was to capture the horse’s movement when trotting over the poles in the bands and we certainly got some exuberant pictures. It was lovely to see how engaged and happy the horses looked when being ridden in the bands.

The bands being ridden in over polesThe bands being ridden in over poles A horse jumping the poles and being excitableA horse jumping the poles and being excitable

Sometimes a little too over-exuberant in Sam's case!

I asked Hannah how many times a week she recommends using the bands and what advice she would give to a new Bum Building Band user. Her advice was: “My top tip is to use the Bum Building Bands 2-3 times a week until you begin to see improved gaits in your horse, then reduce use. I use ours 3 times a week; once schooling, once hacking and once lunging. I alternate the use of the bands between my lessons so my horse does not become reliant on the bands and I can feel his improved gaits without them. The Bum Building Bands are designed to complement a good schooling routine. When using the bands under saddle you will feel a difference in your horse’s way of going, over time you will feel your horse becoming more supple in their gaits and have an improved uphill balance.”

The banding being used when cantering on a hackThe banding being used when cantering on a hack The bands being used for hackingThe bands being used for hacking  
A horse being schooled in the bandsA horse being schooled in the bands A horse being lunged in the bandsA horse being lunged in the bands  

It has been so lovely to work with a local small business as inspiring as the Bum Building Bands. I love how the idea was born and accelerated completely on its own and took Hannah by surprise from day one. I can highly recommend looking at Hannah’s website if you would like to read more about the bands or even purchase one for yourself. There are lots of different options on offer, including supplying your own saddle pad, where Hannah will attach the clips and send you the bands to use on a pad you already own.

I am also delighted to hear that Hannah has seen a big increase in sales and engagement since publishing her photos. I offer two different business photoshoot packages, and both come with every single high-resolution image included in the cost. If you feel you need a different type of package to meet your business needs, then feel free to send me a message and I’d be more than happy to create a bespoke package for you.

Check out Hannah’s Bum Building Bands here: and find them on both Facebook and Instagram.


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