Christie Mclean

Christie McLean is a 32-year-old dressage rider from Gloucestershire. Christie had never owned a horse or ridden dressage before Coalman, who she purchased as a 3-year-old. The pair have worked hard together to reach milestone after milestone and goal after goal. Coalman, now 7-years-old, and Christie have been successful throughout the levels including taking home two top 10 placing’s as a 5-year-old in Area Festivals, winning dressage leagues at prelim and novice, whilst securing a string of wins throughout elementary and medium. Although focusing on her next goal of an advanced medium, the pair do enjoy the odd bit of showing with some more wins and sashes for the team along with the odd bit of show jumping and cross country for fun.

In the sidelines is Coalman’s half-brother, 4-year-old, Talisker who is newly backed and upcoming for the next season and Coalman’s son, 3-year-old Nero, who is ready to start next. Christie is your everyday equestrian, with a full-time job. Her horses are kept out in a herd 24/7 and she doesn’t benefit from any facilities. However, results show this is one dedicated team.

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Benhill Coalman (Coalman)


Benhill Talisker (Tally)