Equine Photoshoots

A picture paints a thousand words, meaning that a photoshoot is one of the best ways to create lifelong memories. Whether you’re looking to decorate your home with lots of beautiful photos or just capture more memories to treasure, a photoshoot is perfect for you. Sessions with me is always an enjoyable experience, with a fun atmosphere from start to finish and I allow plenty of time for scenery and outfit changes to get the most out of the day. Throughout the shoot, I will suggest lots of different poses, and help you relax in front of the camera, as well as capture dozens of candid, natural moments. Take a look at my social media accounts or equine photography portfolio to see more precious photos.

The investment

Rather than offering multiple packages, with various products included, I have gone with the ever popular à la carte style of service. Simply book my equine photoshoot package, which includes two complimentary low resolution digital copies, and when you see your final, edited images you can choose to buy as many extra photos as you wish. Click here to browse my wide range of photoshoot products in advance.

Equine Package

  • A two hour photoshoot, at a location of your choice.
  • Optional outfit changes.
  • A private online viewing gallery, full of all your professionally edited photos.
  • Two FREE low resolution digital copies to share on social media.
  • Access to my full range of premium products, including special deals.


The following is also included with any equine photoshoot booking…


A 50 mile round trip from Melksham, Wiltshire is included for free. Thereafter, any additional miles will be charged at 45p per mile.

Include extra models

Want your dog included for some of the photos, or another family member? No problem - this is your photoshoot!

Multiple horses welcome

Each package comes with the flexibility to photograph you and up to four horses. If you want to include more horses, please send me a message.

Add black background photos

Want to include some black background photos too? No worries. We can block out time within the session to include these.

A £50 deposit is required to secure your chosen date, with the remainder to be paid at least 24 hours before. You’re also welcome to pay for your shoot in full upon booking if you prefer. Only the products specified within the photoshoot package are included and expire 6 months after your gallery goes live. After this time, you can still purchase images from your photoshoot, but cannot claim the complimentary products.

Photoshoots make fantastic presents, why not buy a gift voucher?

Whether you’re buying a gift for a close friend, family member, or that special someone, all photoshoot packages can be customised to craft the perfect present. You can either buy the package listed above or opt for redeemable credit to give them the flexibility to choose any type of photoshoot.

Frequently asked questions

99% of the time people choose to have their photoshoot at their yard and you’d be surprised how many hidden gems there are for photos. Your yard doesn’t need stunning views to be classed as a good photo location. Being at the yard can also help your horse stay relaxed, which helps the photoshoot run smoothly. However, if you would like to choose a different location you are more than welcome to. All I would suggest is taking your horse there a week or two before so they can familiarise themselves with their surroundings so that when we go back for the photoshoot it’s less exciting for them.

You really don’t need to worry. Having photos taken with your horse is totally different to having your photo taken in a studio or at a family meal. They provide a relaxing distraction and are something you can interact with. I will help you pose and position yourself but don’t constantly bombard you with directions to allow you to relax into the situation. It’s common for people to come away and say they enjoyed their session and had nothing to worry about. I sometimes get told that my client forgot I was even there at times. My top tip is to bite the bullet and just do it – I can guarantee you won’t regret your decision.

It’s up to you whether you bring just one outfit or a few, but whatever you decide to do make sure the outfits you choose are ones that you feel comfortable in and confident wearing. There is nothing worse than looking back at your pictures and not liking how your outfit looks on you. Also, be sure to choose outfits which you wouldn’t normally wear around your horse. I would say avoid breeches unless you plan to ride and wish to wear them. You will have lots of photos on your phone of you with your horse in riding gear, so dig out your smart top and jeans, or maybe even a summery dress, and make your photoshoot a bit more special.

I would prepare your horse as if you were going to a competition. Try and avoid bathing on the day of your photoshoot because if the coat hasn’t dried in time this isn’t the most appealing for photos. Dig out your tack cleaner, and don’t forget to do your bridle, then have a think about whether you’d like to plait. Most people just give their horses mane a tidy up, but plaiting can look extremely smart too – the choice is yours. Oh, don’t forget the treats! Your horse will thank me for that one.

Ever heard the expression never work with children or animals? Well, it can be very true sometimes! But more importantly, it is normal for me to see horses misbehave. Photoshoots are strange situations for them so it’s normal that they can get a little more alert for the session. I will work with your horse and if they do not settle in a certain location, we will move on and try something else. It’s not worth stressing your horse, or you, out and affecting the fun atmosphere that should come with a photoshoot. If you think it would be useful to have someone else on the ground or to ride your horse before your session to take the edge off them, by all means, plan this into your photoshoot day.

In short, we will reschedule! I appreciate that no one fancies getting drenched during a photoshoot and the British weather can be unpredictable. If the forecast is dry, cloudy or sunny, I will advise we stick with the plan and go ahead. But if it looks like a washout, I will discuss moving to a new date or time. I usually book one session per day so we can move the photoshoot to a different time if the weather turns – e.g. the morning might look drier than the afternoon.

The photoshoot itself is just the beginning. After your session, I will head home and start to narrow down the hundreds of images to just the best of the best. Once I have the final photos selected, it’s time to get to work with editing each photo, which I feel is just as important as taking the photos. This process usually takes up to 3 weeks, but I will always endeavour to deliver them to you sooner and, with your permission, share some sneaky peeks on social media. You will receive a link to a password-protected online gallery to view the entire collection once it is ready. You can share this link and password with as many family members and friends as you wish, while you decide which photos you would like to buy.

Clients often expect there to be a time limit when it comes to placing orders, but this is not the case with me. You’re welcome to buy your photos as soon as possible after viewing your gallery, or if you need a little longer to decide or wish to buy a handful now and more later, that is no problem at all. Any of the products included within your photoshoot package must be claimed within 6 months of the gallery going live. After this time you can still make purchases, but won’t be able to claim your free products.

I offer a variety of different products, including digital copies, wooden framed prints, canvases, photobooks and much more. Click here to view my photoshoot product price list in full.