Event Product Prices

Digital Copies

​I offer two digital sizes to suit everyone. If you're looking to only share the image on social media, then a low resolution file is sufficient. However, if you'd like to print your own copies of the photos, please choose a high resolution file. All digital copies are watermark free.

  • Low resolution = £6 each or five for £24

  • High resolution = £12 each or five for £48

Mounted Prints

All prints include a cardboard frame with a stable rudder and are in classic black with a silver foil border at the aperture. If you do not want a mount included please add it to the comments section when purchasing. Delivery fees not included.

  • 9x6" = £14

  • Three 9x6" = £35

  • Five 9x6" = £55

  • 12x8" = £20

  • Three 12x8" = £50

  • Five 12x8" = £74

9x6" Print

9x6 Print9x6 Print

12x8" Print

12x8 Print12x8 Print

Strut on the back


Print & Digital Bundles

The print and digital file deal gives you professional quality prints posted to you along with digital files of the same image to download, keep and share with friends & family. The digital included is a low resolution file.

  • 9x6" mounted print & digital file = £17

  • 12x8" mounted print & digital file = £23

Montages (12x8" Mounted Prints)

Can't decide which photo is your favourite? Montages allow you to combine 3, 4 or 5 of your favourites into one! Proofs will be emailed to you before printing.

  • 3 Image = £35

  • 4 Image = £40

  • 5 Image = £45

3 Image Montage

Three Image MontageThree Image Montage

4 Image Montage

Four Image MontageFour Image Montage

5 Image Montage

Five Image MontageFive Image Montage