Event Product Prices

Digital Copies

Low resolution - suitable for posting on social media (approx 450KB/1200 X 800px)

  • 1x £8
  • 3x £20
  • 5x £32

Medium resolution - ideal for printing up to 9x6" (approx 1.5MB/2500 X 1600px)

  • 1x £12
  • 3x £30
  • 5x £48

High resolution - full size file suitable to blow up to any size

  • 1x £24
  • 3x £60
  • 5x £96

Mounted Prints

Every picture is printed in high quality using dye sub printers and includes a cardboard frame with a stable rudder, in classic black with a silver foil border at the aperture. Delivery fees are not included.

9x6" - approximately A5 in paper sizes

  • 1x £15
  • 3x £38
  • 5x £56

12x8" - approximately A4 in paper sizes

  • 1x £20
  • 3x £50
  • 5x £75

Print & digital bundles

Can't decide between a digital or a print? Why not take advantage of my print & digital bundles, which include one print and a matching HALF PRICE low resolution digital file.

  • 9x6" & digital...£19
  • 12x8" & digital...£24

9x6" Print

9x6 Print9x6 Print

12x8" Print

12x8 Print12x8 Print

Strut on the back



Can't decide which photo is your favourite? Montages allow you to combine 3, 4 or 5 of your favourite photos into one! Proofs will be emailed to you before printing so keep an eye on your inbox.

  • 12x8" mounted...£45

  • 18x12" unmounted...£55

3 Image Montage

Three Image MontageThree Image Montage

4 Image Montage

Four Image MontageFour Image Montage

5 Image Montage

Five Image MontageFive Image Montage